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Protect yourself against rising interest rates by capping your monthly repayments.

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Protection against rising interest rates.
Once-off premium tailored to your home loan balance.
Choose between 1% and 2% above your interest rate.
Your home loan rate will still move down if interest rates decrease.
Conveniently managed off your home loan account.

Policy Details

  • You don’t have to outlay money to buy CAP, you may access available funds in your home loan to pay this once-off premium. The premium will be determined by the size of your home loan balance as well as your decision to CAP at either 1% or 2% above your current rate.
  • By capping your interest rate at 1% or 2% above your current home loan interest rate, your effective home loan interest rate will not go above your selected CAP rate for 2 years.

  • Your interest rate will still go down when national interest rates decrease.
  • When interest rates rise above the selected CAP rate, your instalment will increase in line with the rate increase. However, any interest paid in excess of your selected CAP rate will be immediately refunded to you.

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