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06 Nov 2015

Adriaan van der nest

They say life happens and sometimes it is not all sweet...the economy has been coming and going up and down in loops...for decades. After 10 years of renting we decided it was time to stand up, dust off, and start living in our own house again. It took a year and some of the best and nicest people at Ooba and SA Home Loans that has helped us with advice; and when we were down they never let us give in or give up! SA Home Loans was with us every step off the road and after a year of very hard work and professional advice, we have done it. SA Home Loans has now given us the best bond, at the best rates and best service! Thank you SA Home Loans! Together we will walk into a bright and shiny future. And for anybody that doubted the staff at SA Home Loans Boksburg branch Dont! They know what they are doing! Thank you SA Home Loans.

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