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North West

06 Nov 2015

Warren Kelly

My wife and I decided we wanted to buy our own house in early 2013. We looked around and in May we found it, our house. We were referred to a bond originator by the estate agent and the process began. She tried all 4 banks and they all declined, one within a few hours and the others took up to a few weeks. This carried on until late July when I decided we should try SA Home Loans when I saw their advertising board next to the road in Johannesburg. At this stage we had never had an email, phone call or anything from anybody at any bank, only automated system-generated emails. Right from the beginning Rosemary from SAHL in Rustenburg was in regular contact with us. Due to a bit of financial difficulty in the past it was not particularly easy for us to secure finance but Rosemary seemed to be as desperate to get us a bond as what we were. There were obstacles but SAHL made it their mission to find a way to make sure we got the house of our dreams. Finally, on the 15th August 2013 we received the final grant and we knew that we would be home owners. The transfer was effected on the 27th September 2013 and we moved in to our house on the 1st October 2013 and we have never been happier. Not only did SAHL make a point of finding a way to get us approved they made us feel important during every single step of the process and we were NEVER made to feel like a number, we were at all times treated and respected as real people.

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