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Western Cape

04 May 2015

Adriaan Westraad

My story might not be unique, but I just have to share it with you. I bank with FNB for the past 20 years or so and I am a very loyal person, also when it comes to where I do my banking etc. Therefore I also had my bond with FNB and my car purchased through Wesbank. About 5 years ago we decided to buy a second property (investment) and obviously I went to FNB for a home loan. FNB thought that we could not afford it and declined my application. This was devastating for my wife and I, because we had a perfect credit record and we thought that we would easily be able to repay the mortgage. I then contacted SA Home Loans and what a surprise! Not only did they make me feel important and were they very professional, they also genuinely wanted to help. The house we bought needed lots of work and was not the best looking house in the neighbourhood, but we believe that after fixing it up it would be a great investment. The person who was sent by SA Home Loans did not look to enthusiastic when he came to appraise the house, but that did not stop SA Home Loans from lending us the money. This was 5 years ago and today the house is worth R400 000 more and we have been renting out the house and making a handsome profit on it from day one. We did most of the work ourselves. My wife always gives me a few years before she spring another project on me and just recently she decided it is time for another fix me upper.

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