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30 Apr 2015

Shaneil Veramoothea

Well my standpoint of appreciation for SA Home Loans is slightly different. I am a young person just starting out in the career of my dreams: Property Investment. Since I was a very young child, I have found an immense interest in property, buildings and developments. When going to places such as hotels, resorts, and shopping centres, I always paid more attention to details other than what other children my age usually did. I found it fascinating how such structures could be erected from just dust and gravel. I decided that I no longer wanted to only imagine how such feats could be accomplished, but actually build something, and add to the enticing landscape in ways that will benefit and amaze generations to come. I started out in a career in real estate, and seeing the joy people experienced and the way in which they treasured their homes ignited a flame within me, making it impossible to ignore it. I wanted to continuously enjoy the fulfilment generated by people finding their dream homes. In January this year, after years of careful planning and preparation, I was finally able to apply for a home loan to purchase a house on a stand large enough to accommodate more than one dwelling, for more than one happy family. This purchase promised a kickstart to my vision, and after meticulous planning, I now have a fully functional forward plan which will be able to see smiles on people's faces when they are AT HOME.

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