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29 Apr 2015

Ismail Husman

"I'm sorry but your loan application has been declined", that was the answer that I was receiving when I applied for a home loan in ALL the banks. My wife is from India and that was the reason for the declines (married in community of property to a foreigner). We were starting to lose hope because we could not get finance and time was running out. We had 14days according to the purchase and sales agreement. Just as all hope looked lost, I had received a call from my friend saying that I should try SA Home Loans which I immediately did and within 5days of my application, I get a call from SA Home Loans saying that my home loan was approved. I could not believe my ears because it was 1 day before the purchase agreement expired. This really was a dream come true for us starting life of in our dream home with our 2year old daughter. I could not thank SA Home Loans enough!

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