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Western Cape

25 Feb 2015

Amanda Davids

Drama, Joy, Anxiety and Relief is an understatement. Our search started late 2012, when my brother was in an unfortunate accident that left him paralyzed. With nobody to take care of him, and no paraplegic homes with vacant rooms, he moved in with me, my husband and 2 girls. Unfortunately, our home was not wheelchair friendly, with high steps, uneven flooring which made daily living a little complicated. We decided to sell and look for a house that was "flat",and it took over a year to find a house suitable for him, and big enough for the family. Then there was securing the home loan, which was an even bigger, daunting task, as my husband then had a heart attack, only 1 person contributing to the household, huge medical bills, of course banks saw this as a risk - until SA Home Loans made it possible. We were able to put a big enough deposit down from the sale of our old house, flexible repayment terms agreed, to buy a new house that could accommodate the whole family comfortably. Almost 2 years later, we secured a home and home loan, thats when there was Joy and Relief, after all the drama and anxiety.

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