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25 Feb 2015

Nthabiseng Charlotte Mbhele(Tandoh)

My Name is Charlotte Mbhele Tandoh. I first contacted SAHL after being declined by all the banks. I am a divorced mother of 2 who never thought one day, someday, me and my children will have a place we can call Home. I was blacklisted due to the divorce so my 2 boys and I have seen the worst! We rented since we got kicked out of our home by my ex husband. At the time, April 2014 I think I applied for a home loan with all banks but was declined. I did pay up all the debts caused by the messy divorce but still no bank was willing to open its door to a homeless mother of 2 due to the affected credit history but; my story changed when I met Mr James Seele who contacted Stacy from SAHL . She got all my documents but later she called to say it was declined. I just told the boys; maybe its the will of God, and that at the right time; we will have a home. Within a month, Stacy called again to say she relooked at the file and she feels I can get a house. I had to write a motivation to explain what happened and that I had paid my debts. Stacy stated that I would only qualify for an 80% approval and Id have to pay 20% as deposit. It was not easy but I knew this was a break. I'm speaking to you now from our own home; it was registered in my name during September 2014. All I could hear from the banks were decline but SAHL opened their arms to give me and my children a second chance and a shelter. SAHL listened. I recommend SAHL to everyone. SA needs a company like yours.

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