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31 Oct 2011

Anrich Daseman

SA Home Loans are the future of long term financing in South Africa. They have been absolutely superb in all facets of my home loan application. Firstly they had professional staff that immediately assisted me in all my queries with my initial application. He(Edwin Wallace) informed me of all the information required and documents to be completed. Important for me that there were no returns and the process ran smoothly. Application was approved within days and I was able to negotiate with sellers as I already knew my threshold. Secondly, as I was previously in a sales environment as well, customer service was key for me in winning any customer over. This was done with more than 100% superior service from SA Home Loans compared to any other financial institution. Thirdly, after - sale service has become a myth with every day financial institutions. This is a practice that all businesses could learn from and aspire to. Needless to say I have a bond with another financial institution and if it was not for transfer cost and duties I would switch the bond immediately!!! SA Home Loans you deserve all the accolades apportioned to you!!!

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