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31 Oct 2011

David Sibanda

I never thought I would own a home of my own. But with SA Home Loans I have proved that there are those people or organizations out there whose number one priority is to make the otherwise impossible things happen. You wake up in a summer morning and see the blue sky without a trace of a cloud and conclude that it will not rain. You give up working your fields because you see no cloud. But believe me, because its summer, it will always certainly rain. It therefore goes without saying that at SA Home Loans it is always summer time because with them you are guaranteed 100% assistance. Here I am, living under my own roof. What else can be more satisfying than this? At the base of the Hierarchy of Needs is the need for shelter, and SA Home Loans are specialists in providing the very same. Viva SA Home Loans Viva!!!!!!!!!!!

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