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Eastern Cape

27 Oct 2011

Anton Fourie

A few years ago I relocated from a small town to the city due to working commitments. As you know the houses are more expensive in the city. When I selected a house which my wife and I were satisfied to buy, I applied for an additional loan through one of the banks where I had a housing loan, the reason being that the house cost more than the price I had sold it for. The bank where I had my home loan refused although I already had a loan from them for 5 years which was paid up to date. The pressure mounted and we rented a small flat in the mean time because I had to start my working commitments. I talked about my dilemma at my new workplace which was when one of my colleagues suggested that I contact SA Home Loans to help me to purchase the house that I wanted. My colleague was a satisfied client of SA Home Loans. I immediately contacted the nearest branch of SA Home Loans and without hesitation they granted me a loan. They did all the administrative work to clear my previous loan from the specific bank, registered a loan in my name with all the necessary required documentation and I bought the house that we urgently needed. Thats not all; after a few years I decided to make some improvements to my existing house and guess what? Within days after I applied for funds within my loan agreement I received the funds without any hesitation or red tape. 

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