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27 Oct 2011

Louise Standley

When I first separated from my ex-husband and bought my first home, my bond was with another banking organisation. After hearing about SA Home Loans, I visited your site and applied online. Due to the fact that I have fixed my interest rate for a 2 year term with the other bank and the fact that they wanted me to pay R6000.00 in penalties, I waited out the period before moving my bond to SAHL. I applied for additional funds as I added an additional bedroom, en-suite bathroom and additional garage. The only physical contact I have had with a representative from SAHL has been with the valuator! I have drawn additional funds more than once on my bond and everything has been done via e-mail. SAHL has to be the most efficient home loan company out there, with ease of use and lack of red tape as well as the lowest lending rate by far! Nothing would convince me to EVER move my bond. For all those who have not discovered SAHL, you have no idea how much you could be saving :)

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