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23 Aug 2012

Anton Miller

Many years ago, I bought my first home with a loan from SAHL. Sad to say, I went through a difficult divorce and had to sell the house and actually suffered huge financial losses in the process as I had to sell the house quickly as part of the divorce settlement. Fortunately I met a wonderful person, fell in love and am again happily married. This woman, my wife, has gone out of her way to support and lift me up. Five months ago we took the decision to rather try and buy our own house, than to pay rent and pay off somebody else's property. I approached SAHL and just like the first time, their service was excellent. Right from the start the service was nothing other than professional. I was kept informed through the whole process and everything was done on schedule as promised. I did my homework beforehand and SAHL came up trumps in all aspects. Thank You SAHL, as far as home loans go, you are definitely the best.

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