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23 Aug 2012

Justin Everest

Dear SA Home Loans, My wife and I have been married for 6 years; we fell pregnant with our daughter on our honeymoon, and therefore went straight into married life with a newborn baby as well. We rented at 5 different places in 5 years, where either the landlord, or unfair tenants managed to make our family life an unpleasant experience with exorbitant rental costs and administration fees, or blaring music that would keep our little daughter and us awake at night. We eventually found the home of our dreams after 5 years and many Sundays of driving around to show houses. We had saved a decent deposit, and immediately applied online with our bank that we have been with for over 15 years - and the result was an immediate - DECLINED. We enquired further and despite our support of this bank for years, and consistent business, we struggled to get a response, feedback or any communication. Our dream home hung in the balance and we eventually were told that we couldn't get a loan with the bank, due to a small technicality that they werent willing to look at. We were going to lose our dream home, and there seemed to be nothing we could do about it. While driving home from work that day I was sitting in traffic, and by chance looked up at a billboard with SA Home Loans details on it. I hadn't considered anyone else beside the banks - and quickly phoned. 

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