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23 Aug 2012

Holly Turnbull & Robert Smith

When Robert and I decided to buy a house, it was the start of a big adventure for us. We were so excited and couldnt wait to get started. We found an amazing estate agent who took our needs into consideration and the 3rd house he showed us was 'the one'! We immediately fell in love with it and the potential was astonishing. We were soon planning late into the night what we would do and how we would make it our own, dreaming of our children who would one day play in the yard. We immediately applied at both our respective banks for a loan and we shocked to find that the level of service awarded to their clients was so poor, they were not interested in our story or our needs, and they would not discuss options and would only look at documents. We were treated as a number and as the days grew into weeks and the forms piled up, our joy started waning. The stress of following up daily and getting nowhere was more than we bargained for and soon we were on the edge of our string when the estate agent called to say that the seller is only giving us 1 more week to get a pre-approval or approval before she moves on to the next buyer. We were floored and immediately hounded the two banks. 

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