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25 Oct 2011

Arno Pienaar

I was married and I bought my parents house (which I grew up in) some 5 years ago. My parents made me sign a piece of paper and as you know with all the excitement in me buying my first house, I only signed the "contract". My parents stayed with us for three years, after which my dad (with a gambling problem) owed me R67 000 that he borrowed from me. I decided to sell the house. My profit was R480 000-00 (bond was with SA Home Loans). My parents sued me and walked away with R250 000 which he gambled away in three weeks. I bought a stand in Villieria, and the builder said it would take four months for "our" dream home to be finished. I set up a wood home (very small) and me, my ex wife and 2 kids stayed in it on the premises for almost a year and a half, until our house was finished. This is an absolute dream house and what I always wanted. After three years my wife left me, and I elected to buy her out for R160 000 but she refused. My house (which I was still staying in) was on the market for almost two years. There was a lot of fighting over the house, until eventually, she gave in and said Give me R50 000 and you can take the house. WOW!!! I knew I had to jump quickly, so I asked SA Home Loans to help. They assisted me and now I am the sole owner of my dream home. Thanks to SA Home Loans, you made my dreams come true.

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