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25 Oct 2011

Elisabeth Erasmus

My husband was such a handyman, always fixing everything. It was very convenient for us and so cheap but, after my husband passed away in 2006 the same things would break over and over, one after the other, almost every month. I had no one to fix it for me and neither did I have the extra money to pay electricians, plumbers etc to redo the wiring, pipes, geyser etc. I was stressed out. I didn't want to live without water or lights. So I applied at various banking institutes for a loan, but was rejected, for no good reason. Then one day in the post I received a letter from a SA Home Loans consultant, explaining about Bonds and Debt Consolidation loans they offer. This was my last hope, I thought. I contacted the number. The lady was so helpful and friendly. After I told her I do not have transport to personally go to the branch in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, I was able to do all correspond via fax/email/telephone. I was even assisted in my own language, Afrikaans. SA Home Loans helped me with a second bond on my house. With this money I was able to redo my electricity faults, plumbing, paint my house, landscape my garden, and so much more like even paying off some of my debt. Now I'm saving so much money each month. Even though the bond's purpose was not to purchase a new home, it surely looks and feels like a brand new home to me after all the alterations that was done to it. 

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