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25 Oct 2011

Michelle Fernandes

I was living in a small 2 bedroom townhouse with my child & husband. My husband and I have really fought through everything to make our lives happy and to give a good home to our child. We have had financial problems where we were both unemployed at the same time and my family is against our love. But we never gave up hope; we fought until we got out of the trouble we were in. We both got jobs and started rebuilding what we had lost. We have worked really hard to get to where we are now - we failed forward and learnt from all of our mistakes. Our child was not able to run around and play in the townhouse and we could only invite two people at a time for dinner. My little boy couldn't have the pet that he so longed to have. It was because of SA Home Loans that our dream of living in a house with a garden and a pool came true. It was because of SA Home Loans that my little boy was able to run around the garden and finally get the little puppy he always dreamt of having. It was because of SA Home Loans that my husband and I were able to show our families that we are strong and could get through anything together. It is because of SA Home Loans that my family is so happy and in love with our new home. Banks did not even open their doors to us if we didn't have an account with them, they didn't even give us the option. SA Home Loans opened their doors and welcomed us in like we were family. 

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