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Western Cape

03 Nov 2011

Belinda Piedt

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell our story. We as most other newlywed couples also struggled to get a full loan to purchase a home , the money we had saved up were not merely enough to cover the deposit that we had to put by, after the long struggle we eventually got a 100% loan from a another finance institute. We started to chat to friends about how struggled to get a bond, we were told about this new place called SA Home Loans. After going back and forth, should we switch or not, eventually done it. Were we in for a surprise? In 2007 my husband was in a serious motorbike accident, from brain injuries to punctured lungs to broken legs - you name it, as a result we could not afford to keep up with the payments. Not forgetting to mention all the medical bills, school fees, therapist in and out, barely anything to eat and still had to worry about what are our kids were going to eat for supper, is there going to be anything to feed them? I had to inform SA Home Loans about our dilemma, with doctors telling us that my husband are not going to make it, after 3months he regained conscious, one can only imagine what went through my mind. I had my children to consider in every decision I was making because it would affect them. 

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