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Western Cape

03 Nov 2011

Pauline Sheehan

Well actually my story is a story within a story within a story...and Im not even the bondholder ...Now to make this make more sense I will start at the beginning. And I want to tell this story to warn others what the banks are doing when valuing townhouses!!!!!! We relocated from Kempton Park to Cape Town (what an amazing place!!!!) In 2009, at the height of the banks hold on bonds especially 100% bonds. Adrian from the SA Home Loans Cape Town office made it all go through smoothly even though we started with the banks (against our better judgement but on the recommendation of our All-knowing (??) estate agent. Needless to say, after 2 weeks, the banks were still negotiating so I jumped in myself and went straight to SAHL which I should have done in the first place! Not having any idea about how to negotiate our way around Cape Town, Adrian sent the Home Loans consultant to us one evening and ...the rest is they say... But remember, the story is only just beginning!!! My Mom (70 years old), after categorically stating that she would NEVER move to Cape Town (doesnt like sand!!!) realised that it really is a great place so her house went on the market....very desirable, 3 bed 2 bath town house in a complex in Gauteng...within about two and a half months (pretty good going for the recession) Mr Thomas Sibanyoni made an offer. NOW the fun starts!!!! On about 5 August 2010, he made the offer GREAT offer so we started looking here in Cape Town. 

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