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05 Sep 2012

Bernard Murinda

I am very grateful to SA Home loans for the unique service I received from them when I applied for a home loan. This is the best kind of service I have ever received from a bank especially when there was no relationship at all between me and SA Home Loans. Having been turned away by all banks , including my own bank, my application finally landed at SA Home loans and within a short space of time I received a call from SA Home Loans to confirm my details and conduct a credit assessment. Immediately my loan was approved in principle. I had been made to believe that I do not qualify for a bond to purchase my dream house at other banks, but with SA Home Loans my dream came true. I want to testify that SA Home Loans has people at heart and they do not only issue home loans to qualifying people but help those who do not qualify to get bonds for their dream houses. They really have solutions to upgrade the lives of people. I was given professional financial advise prior to my bond processing and I immediately worked out to raise a 10% deposit to make my bond repayments affordable. Further to approving the bond, SA Home Loans were with me until the bond was finally registered at the Deeds office with the help of their attorneys. I am also grateful for the convenience I was afforded as I never moved out of my office to process my application, but everything was done through emails and phone calls in the comfort of my office.

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