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05 Sep 2012

Desiree Claassen

My husband banks with Absa and he has all the accounts there. When we went to them regarding a second bond. They could not help us so I decided to look around and found SA Home Loans number. Sonja contacted me and set the ball rolling. In no time at all everything was organized. We decided to wait our 3 months grace out, to which they helped us out with part of money until our bond was registered. Boy were we delighted to see how much interest we saved by waiting the grace period out. In August our bond was registered by SA Home Loans and this helped us to settle our accounts The nice part is also the security they arranged for us should something happen to us. The surprise is that as long as your bond balance decrease so does your premium on your insurance cover on the bond. This was an eye opener for me otherwise I would not have known that my policy I had for security on the Absa Home Loan was only good if I should die. Now I have a policy for my home loan. I cancelled the other policy and took a retirement policy. Thank you SA Home Loans and to Sonja for all that you did for us. Now we can also upgrade our flat and rent it out thereby helping us to pay off our bond quicker. Thank you, the Claassens.

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