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04 Sep 2012

Stacey Eaton

A few months ago I had to put SA Home Loans under a huge amount of pressure! The sellers of the house I wanted to purchase were given seven days notice before they lost the deal due to another offer that had come through. So if they did not prove that they had a buyer with an approved bond ASAP their deal would fall through and therefore I would loose my house as well. SA Home loans were the first people to get back to me (within 1 day of application) and they gave me the best interest rate out of all the traditional banks. They only had four days in which to get the bond approved. After one day I had it approved in principal and after a total of only three days the evaluation was done and I received the final bond approval. So technically because of their incredibly efficient service they made the dreams of three parties a reality. A huge big thank you to SA Home Loans and Tharoshnee in particular!! I Moved into my beautiful little home on Saturday and I am so happy :) The follow up and customer service since then has also been wonderful!!

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