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North West

17 Feb 2015

Bonolo Bobby Keeme

I stayed in Bloemfontein for 9 years and for all these years I was renting a flat. I started with a bachelor and when my family grew bigger I had to move to a 2 bedroom flat. Later I began looking for a house to buy but the banks kept rejecting my application because I could not qualify, or so they told me. For all those years I did not know that SA Home Loans existed. I relocated to Mafikeng in Dec 2012 and I was tired of renting but did not know who to turn to for a home loan. I kept trying various banks with no luck. I saw a complex with new houses and went to enquire, and I told the Estate Agents that I am interested in buying but the banks will reject my application. They informed me that SA Home Loans never disappoint. That is when I learned about SAHL and even visited their website. I submitted the application with the consultant around the 10th February 2014. On 20th February SAHL requested supporting documents from me, and on 27th I received an email saying my home loan application has been approved for 100% at a rate of 9,9%. I could not believe considering the fact that SAHL were the only creditor that responded. My wife and kids were also overjoyed and today we are living in the comfort of our own home, thanks to SAHL. I have already referred my sister to SAHL and her application has also been approved. She should be moving into her house soon. Regards,B Keeme

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