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17 Feb 2015

Mathebe Segwe

My future husband and I were about to get married in few months time when we decided that we needed to get a joint bond house because at that time I had my own house. We knew that my fianc had a lot of debts and he may experience difficulty. We then decided that we were going to sell my existing house and rent for one year until we cleared his debts. Then during the process of selling my house with the intention going to rent, the agent that was selling my house suggested that we go and view other houses that were also on sale. Our dream house was a house in a suburb with a big yard and pool. The first day we went to view the houses we visited 3 houses. The first house was not impressive, the second one was nice but with a small yard, the third house was our dream house and whats more is that it had all the specs that we needed for our home. We fantasised and had sleepless nights about our new home. We applied with banks and they declined, some of the banks told us that if I applied on my own that I would qualify; and that was just not what we wanted. My husband felt that we rather leave and stick to our initial plan of renting. The day SA Home Loans called me and said that our loan had been approved I couldn't even hear properly and I repeatedly asked if I understood well. Furthermore the service that was rendered to us when we had to go to sign contracts was exceptional. We are now living in our dream home as a happy family. 

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