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17 Feb 2015

Laura-May Louw

Dear SAHL, We were so incredibly excited to receive our own home loan. We had been trying for many years to get a home loan but owing to the fact that we are self employed; the banks would never consider our application. We looked at houses, flats and other options, but either the price was not right or the bank was being fussy. Finally, in 2014, we asked Coreen, from SAHL to help us again as we were just so fed up with renting and our landlords were just giving us grief over even the smallest things. Our hearts desire was JUST to own our own homes... and finally our dream became a reality! Not only did we find our dream home, but everything fell into place. We got our home loan approved within 4 days and Coreen guided us every step of the way. SAHL not only made the process a breeze, but thanks to SAHL our dream of owning our own home came true. We couldn't be happier. Almost every day I still stand in our kitchen and am just so thankful that we own our own house :)

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