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25 Oct 2011

Brian Robinson

I was 27 yrs old with a wife and a small baby and we rented a very modest 2 bed, 1 bath cottage in White River. We dreamt of owning our own home and spoke about it 24/7 for years but saw it as being an impossible dream. Our modest property went on the market for 180k and my wife cried and cried for weeks as the bank would not give us the money to buy it. I secretly spent all of my spare time looking at land until I found the perfect stand just around the corner from this house we let and approached SA Home Loans with no expectations for the building loan. SA Home Loans approved my loan and I bought the stand with no idea how I was to build a house with such limited funds as 272k when the quote to build the house that I designed based on the house we were letting but much bigger and grander was to cost around 611k. I stared building with no idea how i was going to even get half way as the house I designed was 4 bed, 4 baths, triple volume, dream house with pool, and dbl garage etc. I told SA Home Loans of my dreams and they backed me. Eventually after two years and the support and understanding of SA Home Loans I completed the house. My wife did not even know that I bought the stand until I drove her there once I owned it and placed a ribbon on a stick in the middle of the field to give it to her as a gift and she cried and cried and cried, not believing that SA Home Loans were prepared to believe in me when no other bank would.  Thank you SA Home Loans.

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