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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Sandra Redhead

As newlyweds 14 years ago, we purchased a house in one of the 'upper' class areas in Uitenhage which was cheap as chips due to that it had been vandalized as the house stood empty with no tenants for about 2 years prior to us buying the house. Every single light fitting, door and anything else that could be removed was gone and left in a very bad state and basically just the shell was left. As we could see right past all the bad things we could see that there was a lot of potential (and hard work). We knew it would take us many years and plenty of money to get the house and the property in a livable state and to make it our dream home. A few years later a friend recommended we change over to SA Home Loans, well, we have not looked back . SA Home Loans have made it possible for us to complete our dream home in much less time that what we anticipated. Thanks to SA Home Loans we achieved our goal in life.

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