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Western Cape

27 Aug 2012

Bronwyn Pegram

When I received a mail from SA Home Loans requesting me to tell others about my journey in purchasing a new home, I was quite excited as I have wanted to do something like this for a while. After having my previous house on the market for 3 years, I finally got it sold. Then came the excitement of searching for a new place to call home. Soon enough we realised that we would not be able to afford our dream house and decided to look for something to rent in the mean time. By chance we came across a house to rent, 5km from our work and the kids school, it was so perfect and felt like a dream come true because the owner was considering selling it in the future. I was so excited because this house had everything that I could have ever wanted. The agent then advised us that instead of renting, we should make an offer to the owner, which we immediately did without hesitation...But it was just not to by one the banks were declining us, and slowly but surely our dream was starting to crumble. The agent then suggested as a last try, that we go to SA Home Loans. I was left speechless with the brilliant customer service we received from the consultant, Adrian Roodt at the time and very upset that SA Home Loans was left as an afterthought by the agent. We could have been spared so much heartache and tears if SA Home Loans was approached as the 1st institution of choice. 

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