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Western Cape

27 Aug 2012

Willie Visser

My story is about upgrading my house and ignorance. I fell into the typical trap of getting personal loans and huge overdrafts whilst doing my home improvement projects... simply because I believed it was faster and easier to come by. Then I reached the point where I wanted to do another phase of the project but I was already paying so much money on overdrafts and several personal loans that I could not afford anything else. Driving past one of SA Home Loans billboards lit a light and I phoned them. To my greatest astonishment I received an answer back faster than with the personal loans. I was completely blown away when I was told that I can even have a comfortable sum of money before the loan is registered to start the project in the mean time. But the best of it all was that I could pay back all my expensive personal loans and overdraft, have money for my new project and still pay way less back per month. You saved me BIG TIME...Thanks SA Home Loans.

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