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14 Dec 2011

Bukani Mngoma

JUST LIKE THAT" Wow, it is a classic case of problem simplified. I am a SMME. As an SMME, what tends to happen is that the last two months of each year business goes down and at the first two months of the year business is still down, if you are in a consulting business. This is because most clients wind down their activities. In effect this means 4 consecutive months given that it is November to December of current year and January to February of the ensuing year yet your fixed expenses remain throughout this period. Envisaging that I may hit difficulties with payment of my bond, I then decided to approach SA Home Loans for possible relief during this period. Honesty I was expecting a typical response one would get from any creditor like "you are required to maintain your instalment Mr. Mngoma in terms of the loan agreement" or "at least make some payment" but Fimi, the consultant who attended my call said "that wouldnt be a problem, Mr Mngoma. I then had to re-assure myself if she really meant that I have the relief JUST LIKE THAT. She asked me to hold and I guess she was going through my profile, and when she came back to me, she said, It is ok, you will only make payment in March 2012, JUST LIKE THAT, thats amazing.

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