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14 Dec 2011

Marius Terblanche

We are under Debt review due to a bad turn of events. Recently all our creditors treat us like criminals. Not SA Home Loans, nothing changed in the relationship, they continue to be courteous and act with professionalism, style and doing everything they can to accommodate our situation. We recently wanted to apply for rehabilitation and as expected no one else except SA Home Loans were able or willing to assist us, everyone else sent us in different directions and could not assist and were blatantly impolite and irritated once they saw our "credit status" - SA Home loans vouched to assist with our new request, we had a polite positive answer within 2 minutes of phoning with our query. We could not be rehabilitated due to the other creditors not willing to assist. In my opinion every business should show their clients the respect and dignity that SA Home Loans showed us even in adverse situations. They should be the envy of all businesses, they respect and understand their customers, and their service is friendly, professional, and effective. I will stand by SA Home Loans, because they respected me when no one else did and when I needed it most Thank you SA Home Loans for caring!

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