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28 Oct 2011

Candice Jenkins

Our story is a little complicated! We were renting a house in JHB on a property where there was also a cottage on it. When we heard the whole property was for sale we hatched a plan with my parents (who lived in Zim) to sell their house to buy the cottage and this would be the deposit we could use for the purchase. We would just need to guarantee the bond was doable before they sold. We went to ABSA as this was who we banked with and we were advised the bond would not be a problem. My parents sold their house and we made the application. We had a deadline to come up with the deposit and bond docs. ABSA messed us around soooo much over several weeks it was now 1 week to deadline and we had only the deposit, but not the bond!! Now my parents had sold their house and we might not get the cottage for them! :( I was advised by someone at ABSA! to go to SA Home Loans. We had 1 week at this time.... SA Home Loans to the RESCUE! Well the rest is history ... and we all live happily ever after :)

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