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28 Oct 2011

Sonia Kittle

After returning to South Africa after being abroad for 12 years, we were shocked by how much rent had gone up! At the time, my husband was still working abroad and when we decided to buy a home, no bank locally would offer us a mortgage despite the fact that we had quite a good deposit. We were really disappointed as paying rent is such a waste of money. Then my financial adviser told me about SA Home Loans. Nicole came to see us about our home loan and within 48 hours we had an answer - it was approved!!! You can imagine our surprise and delight as we were now given the opportunity to own our own home in South Africa. All the paperwork was taken care of efficiently and quickly without any visits into the middle of town or taking time off work to do it. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with SA Home Loans and I would definitely recommend them to anyone locally and of course, those from abroad! SA Home Loans is definitely one of a kind. Thank you for making our dream home becomes a reality!!!

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