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01 Nov 2011

Charl & Carmelita Beerwinkel

In May 2010 my hubby and I decided to take the big step and buy a house for ourselves and our kids. There is nothing as bad as when your kids ask you why we don't have a house but their cousins have a house. We have been staying in a flat for the past 7 years because we couldn't afford a home of our own. Our agents applied to the 4 major banks in South Africa. 3 of the banks declined our loan and the 1 bank replied that the loan was approved but we never heard anything from them for 1 month. We then asked the agents to apply to SA Home Loans. We heard a lot of good things about them from other people and could kick ourselves for not going to them straight away. We applied for our home loan on 8 June and our loan was approved in principle on 10 June (2 days). It was fully approved in less than 2 weeks which is brilliant. They informed us that we should meet to discuss the last outstanding issues whereby they explained everything as everything was new for us because we were new buyers. Its been a long time that we have seen such dedication and passion from a service provider. Some banks treat their customers as if they are a nuisance but SA Home Loans really go out of their way to accommodate their clients and to make them feel at home. We moved into our new house in August 2010 and we are still very happy with the brilliant service that we received from SA Home Loans. 

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