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Free State

01 Nov 2011

Olivia Buffel

My husband and got married in 2005. As most young married couples we could not afford to buy a house then and we rented a townhouse. The monthly rent we paid for the townhouse was about the same amount we wouldve paid, should we have bought a house. About a year later I was expecting my first son and we decided to move in with my mother in law for financial purposes and it was more comfortable with the new baby and all as we did not really want to raise our baby in a complex. We stayed with my mother in law for about 4 years until we decided that it was time to buy our own place. It was such a happy feeling when we made the decision. Dont get me wrong I love my mother in law with all my heart but every woman wants to have her own house / kitchen / sitting room / ect which she can decorate as she pleases. We applied for a home loan at various places and had to fill in lots of forms and submit a lot of documentation and it took weeks to get an answer. Some places declined our application, others wanted a bigger deposit and other places just did not bother to revert back to us. One evening I saw an advert of SA Home Loans on a billboard and decided to email them the next day (not expecting much). On the same day I got a reply from a consultant in Bloemfontein explaining to me how the process works and all the documentation that they needed. They were in contact with me regularly, keeping me informed of the process without me having to call or email them beforehand.

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