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17 Mar 2015

Charne & Bryan Enslin

We were completely in the dark when we started looking at home loans as this was our first time. We had obviously tried getting a loan from the banks that we banked with first, but they were not interested. We were pretty much shattered because if our own banks that we were banking with for more than 20 years wouldn't offer us a loan who would?! After trying other banks, we came across SAHL and to our surprise they were willing to give us a loan. The loan process was really a breeze and because we were first time home owners, we asked a lot of "dumb" questions and they always answered with no problems (I'm sure they did laugh in their sleeves at some questions :-)). We are really very happy with the service we received throughout the loan process, and we still are happy with their service! We would definitely recommend SAHL without batting an eyelid!

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