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Western Cape

17 Mar 2015

Deon Collison

My wife and I rented a flat for many years. We could never really afford a bond is what we kept telling ourselves and that just became the norm until we realised that we were just throwing our money away each month! So we decided to start working towards buying a house. The deposit was always a concern for us as we did not have much saved. We however eventually MADE A PLAN, and so the hunt began! The next concern for us was getting that bond we needed. We approached nearly all of the banks and all of them wanted in excess of 15 to 20% deposit! This was really disappointing for us as we had finally found the home we wanted. Someone told us to speak to Adrian Roodt from SA Home Loans as he was apparently the best! I was not convinced at first because we had been let down before by banks. But to our surprise it turned out that SA Home Loans was on our side and Adrian Roodt had helped us to make it happen. The deposit we had to pay was not unreasonable and was a way better deal than the banks offered us. We have been with SA Home Loans for only 3 months now and have had no problems. They are always willing to help and answer questions and queries quickly. Thank you SA Home Loans for giving us the opportunity to be home owners! Thank you to Adrian Roodt for taking us through the process!

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