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25 Nov 2011

Cheryl Viljoen

My husband passed away suddenly in his sleep on 05/07/2009. It was a very hard thing to come to terms with I had 3 children with a house we were renting for R8800.00 per month. After the funeral had passed I had to try and make up all this money and still feed and clothe my children - it was hard. My husbands pension paid out as he had no policies, so we decided to put down a deposit on a house. When we were shown this house my kids fell in love with it straight away but I said lets first look around Well, it did not help because they wanted this house! With my salary I could never afford the bond but SA Home Loans said my eldest son could buy the house with me and that is how we came to move into our dream house. I just wish my husband could be here to see what we did. It was hard times and still is, but with the patience of SA Home Loans, we are pulling this thing through.

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