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25 Nov 2011

Janet Lee

As I sit at my computer in my study I am eternally grateful to SA Loans for making it possible. Without their aid I may probably not have been able to secure my gorgeous apartment which I am still so in love with. How dispiriting it is waiting to hear from various moneylenders. It is really irksome when a bank youve been with all your life doesnt come to the party. And yet others drag their feet and when the final offer eventually comes it still does not match the SA Home Loans offer. And why is it that when I moved house SA Home Loans had absolutely no problem with my instruction to redirect my statements to my new residential address and not to my e-mail address. My efforts with other institutions in this regard nearly drove me scatty and still a year after moving some have not complied with my instructions. At least I can rest assured that when I give an instruction to SA Home Loans it is carried out no mess no fuss. I have recommended them to my friends and hope to continue receiving the friendly and efficient service from them that I have up till now. And by the way you couldnt have chosen a better person that Mark Banks to do your radio ads hes brilliant!

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