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25 Nov 2011

Janine Webb

My story is one of frustration. I got divorced and my husband and I jointly owned the house, I decided I needed to get the house in my name. We had agreed that I would stay on in the house as I worked from home and looked after our son. The full amount of the instalment was deducted off my account with my previous bank each month. As per divorced agreement, he was instructed to pay half to me. As divorces unfortunately go it wasn't long before he stopped paying. I carried on paying the full amount, never in arrears or missing a month. When I applied to the housing loan department my nightmare began. It is virtually impossible to get hold of them. Phone anytime from early to late and it's engaged. You can go days without getting through so that when you do it is cause for celebration. The service I got was shocking - they almost seemed annoyed with me. When they said they'd get back to me, they lied and never did. I'm still waiting for their call. It was two months of Hell and their staff are the last people I ever want to deal with again. Life became a stressful thing as I was forced to juggle maintaining my business; seeing to clients; taking care of my son without any help from anyone else and trying to find the security of having my house in my own name without anyone being able to take it away from me. Yet, they made it out as if I were trying to buy the entire Southern tip of Africa. 

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