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25 Nov 2011

Vishnu Moodley

My bond was eventually registered around August 2011 but my communication with SA Home Loan goes back to around 2009/2010. I had so many problems with my credit ratings due to some incidents that occurred in the past. I was even listed for things that I had no idea of. There was even a incorrect judgement that was registered against my wife's name. This was such a frustrating occurrence as all my plans to consolidate my debt were becoming hopeless. I then through e-mail started to communicate with Dhesigan Naicker who started to advise me as to what I should do to address all my concerns. I cannot tell you of the number of e-mails that was sent but on every occasion, from the information that he provided to me, I was becoming hopeful that I will eventually receive a bond through SA Home Loan. The gentlemen was so accommodating, friendly and professional and yet at some time I was frustrated, he kept on saying that things will be favourable once my credit rating improve. He also advise that I should not communicate with the credit bureau for sometime as this affects the rating every-time an enquiry or check is done. This was something that I was not aware of and after a lapse of about 6 months the rating improved considerably. I cannot express my satisfaction when I was told by Dhesigan that my bond of about R1 500 000.00 was approved and was also registered in a very short space of time. 

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