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06 May 2015

Chrisna Van Der Merwe

After 13 years of marriage the time had come to buy our first home!  My husband is currently employed in Saudi Arabia for the past two years and we have been saving like crazy for the deposit and the transfer fees as we knew it would be high.  We submitted all the documentation to SAHL and to ABSA where my husband has been banking for the past 20 years.  They only replied with a short and very rude call to say they cannot assist expats!  SAHL went the extra mile and gave the best assistance all the way.  Liezel our consultant kept me up to date all the way - till the last call, "congratulations your bond have been approved." I cried the whole day from pure joy!  Now when my daughter and I get home in the afternoons, her words are music to my ears, "mom we are home - our home."

Thank you SAHL for making a dream come true for me, my husband, my daughter and the four fur babies at home!

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