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Western Cape

12 May 2015

Priscilla Vermaak

SA Home Loans definitely are the BEST. We applied for a home loan in Paarl. All the top banks, the banks we do business with, have investments with, that we bank with, that we purchased our business and previous home with refused us a home loan as we are self employed. SA Home Loans looked in our situation differently. Saw us as individuals, and treated us with so much care and I can honestly say that Neil Puckeri is the best sales consultant. If he was near, he will have a cracked ribcage, that is how my hugggggg would hurt the man that had the patience, and the kindness to cheer me up when all else failed. SA Home Loans, believe me, to everybody that comes into my General Dealers Shop, I will sing your praises. You dont just say that you make a difference; you are the difference. To think you made me such a very happy customer. May God bless your business, your consultants and thank you once again...Kind Regards, Priscilla Vermaak

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