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01 Nov 2011

Cindy Baker

We bought a piece of land 13 years ago, we had nothing, so no one would give us a loan, so we managed to scrape together R20 000.00 each, myself and my husband, and with the R40 000.00, we bought the land we were after. Once we had the land, we had to clear and burn bushes etc ourselves, as we had no money left to pay someone to do it for us. We also never had a cent to build a house, so we stayed with my mom in law, and over the next year we bought bricks, cement, paid brick layers and slowly built the first section of our house, which we lived in for those 5 years. My sister told us about SA Home Loans, and we decided to give it a try, we were accepted, yay!!, and we completed our house, put in a pool and a lappa, and now we are living happily ever after. 13 years later. Thank you SA Home Loans for believing in us and giving us a chance.

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