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02 Nov 2011

Linda Minnaar

If you dream, you can catch a rainbow, and follow it to the pot of gold at the end. We lived in a crime ridden area, and needed to make a change. After searching for a house, we eventually managed to find one, which was rather ramshackle to say the least. After looking at various finance institutions, we decided to contact SAHL on the recommendation of a friend, who was also a financial adviser. Our experience from the beginning was so positive. The agent who dealt with our loan was always available to answer all of our questions, and in no time at all we had our loan at a much better rate than the other institutions we had researched. My home is no longer ramshackle at SAHL assisted me with renovations, (the money to achieve this was in the bank within 48 hours), and I have caught my rainbow (SAHL) and now have my pot of gold. Thank you SA Home Loans for always being there, and for the excellent and prompt service. It is so good in this day and age to find a real person at the other end of the phone, one who will listen and assist with immediate and friendly service.

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