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Western Cape

20 Sep 2012

Claire Mathieson

I worked over time for years and saved everything I could to put down a big deposit on my dream apartment - a modest place but one that was suitable to my needs and passions. Renting was not an option, it was too much, but with hard work, cutting back and selfless saving, a big deposit could bring down the monthly repayments, well within my salary. My bank of 22 years immediately accepted my home loan application - I was a great candidate. You might think that they'd treat you like one. Instead of looking after me and my future asset, I was slammed with a huge interest rate, despite having a relatively small home loan. Shocked, I contacted SA Home Loans who recognized the value of my future asset and that of my income potential, work ethic, and financial history. Banks look at you in the instant; SAHL looked at me as a person - with a history and a future. They gave me a great deal on far better terms than my own bank. I didn't deal with a call centre, I dealt with one person. She had my direct line and I had hers - the way business is meant to be done. Thanks to the personal touch of SAHL, I live in an apartment that suits me and my lifestyle. Across the road is the beach, out my window, the mountain, and at night I sleep well because this dream apartment is mine and thanks to SAHL it will stay mine in an affordable, manageable way - one that suits us both. Brilliant, personal, dream-come-true service!

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