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20 Sep 2012

Pienaar Kloppers

How a home loan changed my life.... As a young man you always know you have to be putting away some money for a deposit for a home loan that you would like to take out one day. Based on that situation other financial choices are always dependant on the money that you still have to save for your future house. You dont go to the concert, you only take the burger and not the meal, you wear the t-shirt until the seams come apart but whatever you do you save every cent. Cents became Rands, Rands became a decent deposit. As life would have it when loves hits you its like a tropical typhoon and destroys all plans you might have for the future, my current wife was exactly such a typhoon. I fell head over heels, we wanted to spend every second together and after a few short weeks we decided to move in together and started looking for a house. We were in a very comfortable position because we knew we had the potential deposit money lined up. When we finally found the dream house and signed the offer we honestly started dreaming of life, love, marriage and everything that goes with it. We realised marriage was definitely in our future but once again something to start saving for as there are many expenses to consider when getting married. We were not meant for one another but the finances were holding us back. So the plan was to get the offer approved, get a home loan, move in and start saving for the financial riggers of marriage.

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