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Western Cape

26 Oct 2011

Claudeus Ludick

Its been a long journey for my wife and I to get where we are today. I remember when I got the news for my first home loan from another bank. It all went well for a while until we discovered that we were paying far more than what we were suppose to and we had endless problems when we wanted to claim from the insurance. By this point we were fed up with the poor service and decided to look for another institution to apply to for a home loan. My mother in the end advised me to apply at SAHL and I honestly must say it's a decision I am so happy I made. From day one the consultant who helped me with my application was so helpful, he even phoned after hours to make sure that all documentation was in order and went all out to iron out some problems we had. In no time my application was approved and even the after service is excellent, a service I never had before. Thanks again SAHL.

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