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26 Oct 2011

Demarlin Govender

My search for my dream home started 5 years ago when I was still a student in medical school. One day I stumbled across this new development where I was really captivated and interested. It was the show unit of a stunning block of flats. However with only 50 bucks in my pocket it seemed a dream. With hope in my pocket and determination in my heart I successfully completed my medical degree with top results coming 2nd in my class. It was just a few months ago that I learnt that my dream home, the very show unit I had seen, was back on the markets then moved swiftly to try and purchase the unit. You would think a newly qualified doctor with a clean credit record and a small deposit would have the banks ringing nonstop to supply me with a home loan. Not the case. In fact I was rejected from the major banks even with my father who helped as a joint bondholder. They wanted so much of information and credit records from years back. Time was running out as the deal I had signed was almost reaching expiry. I then approached Renne from Better Bond who helped me apply to SA Home Loans. Within a few days I had got my reply back. I had submitted textbooks of information (heavier than my medical book I might add) to the previous banks but with SA Home Loans they wanted only the necessary information. Initially I thought it was a joke in securing the bond as I had spent months stressing but the agent at SA Home Loans (Debbie Healy) made it so easy and effortless.

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